Ethanol X — Decentralized Gas Credits and Refund token.

Ethanol X — Decentralized Gas Token

Ethanol token launched back in November 2020 was named as one of the most innovative projects in the low cap market. The idea behind ethanol token was quickly copied by few other companies to make a quick buck. However, most of them lacked innovation and were exact copies of Ethanol, which eventually turned the Gas refund concept to more centralized and closed.

However Ethanol token is more about innovation and a decentralized approach. The team and developers are supporters of decentralized organizations and are early members of the crypto industry. They realized the need and advantages of the decentralized approach. Even after a lot of suggestion from the community to turn this into a centralized coin, we never considered it to be an option.

We at Ethanol believe that if a product is an innovation, it will climb it’s way up. Cryptocurrencies are all based on word of mouth and innovation. An innovative project can never be suppressed and will always rise. Even after minimal marketing, the popularity and price rose to 2100% since the launch.

Whereas other competitions trying to make a quick buck kept pumping their coin to 800%. When the bubble exploded, it was bad for the community. A lot of people lost thousands of dollars in the last collapse because of the pump and dump from other gas tokens or EIP1556 and Berlin Update.

Ethanol token does not limit or restrict users from getting involved in gas farming or related projects. We believe in the open and decentralized nature of business. I hope all of us believe in the same and that is one of the major reasons we are in crypto.

Ethanol is all about innovation and helps in the creation of better technology. Here are the few issues with gas tokens

a. Sustainable Model

b. Volatile Price

c. Gas Distribution Cost and timeframe

d. Decentralized Network for gas distribution

After speaking to a few miners and doing a survey with around 100 traditional investors and mining companies, everyone believed that the only thing that can help this reach masses is if it is decentralized and if the distribution is on-chain. This could take the project to a 9 figured market cap, if implemented properly.

The demand is high but the solution needs to be decentralized and distribution should be real-time. This was a challenge for us and we have been working on the same for the last few months. Finally, we came up with a solution which will resolve all the concerns listed above.

Launch of Ethanol v2 — Ethanol X

Below are the features of the token

  • On-Chain Gas Distribution — Real-time gas distribution happening inside the contract. It makes cashback distribution gas free and makes it real-time along with it being bug-free. No more waiting for distribution. Everything happens inside a decentralized audited contract.
  • Free Trading on EthanolX token on Decentralized Exchanges — The contract will make sure to get you refunded for all your gas spent on the trading of ENOL ( Real Time)
  • Monthly Caps — Get an option to get monthly cashback on staked Ethanol.
  • Automated gas distribution on every 10000 Blocks — Gas distribution will happen automatically every 10,000 Blocks. ( Can be changed according to requirement.
  • Sustainable Gas Mechanism — A gas token with no sustainability issue which makes it the most sustainable gas token.

Few more features will be launched and announced shortly.

Code of the contract will be closed and will not be available for everyone which makes it difficult for Ethanol to be copied.

However multiple audits will be done and made public before launch.

We are looking to revolutionise the gas refund industry and aim to reach the masses. We aim to reach 100,000 users, we would like the support of the community to help us achieve the goal.

More information about Ethanol X and tokenomics with a clear timeline will be launched soon.

Ethanol V1 users can swap to Ethanol V2 or Ethanol X

Use this link to swap all the tokens to v2

What is the use of swap? What do v1 users get?

The base price for v1 users is $120/token. V1 investors will get 2x worth of EthanolX token. Let us assume you held 1 ENOL = $120, you will receive $240 worth of Token X.

When is the V2 launching?

We haven’t released a date for the launch but we will release the dates next week.

The team will launch a test contract on Mainnet next week. We would love to invite a maximum of 10 users to test the contract and gas distribution.

Note this will be a test contract and will be only used for testing. If you want to be part of the testing, please fill the form below.

For more information stay tuned.

@zeusenl — for inquiry

Decentralised Gas Refunds and Gas Credits.