EthanolX launch and Important dates

EthanolX is a decentralised gas credit system. Ethanolx rewards 2% of users’ holdings daily as a gas credit so that users can spend them for transfers or trading on the ethereum networks.

Ethanol Token Success

EthanolX is the upgraded version of the ethanol token. Ethanol token was a gas refund token launched back in November 2020. An estimated 5–7 Million dollars were refunded to users in gas rewards over a period of 6 months and the project served over 1500–2000 users. The token value took a leap to approx 21x since launch.

It was an instant success. Ethanol Token was the first gas token to be launched and was an immediate success. It was often known as the Most Innovative small cap project and was mentioned in along with many other media outlets.

The need for EthanolX

Ethanol Token was an experimental project and as more and more users and investors used it, we encountered a lot of problems and solutions which could be implemented.

EthanolX is an improved version of ethanol token and focuses on 3 major solutions:

a. Scalability

b. Ease of Use

c. Decentralised Framework

You can read more about EthanolX here

Whitepaper :

How is it different that Ethanol V1

a. Decentralized Onchain gas reward distribution

b. Switching from gas distribution to gas credits.

c. LP injections

d. Sustainability.

f. Price Stabilizing Mechanism

g. Onchain Rewards for referrals.

EthanolV2 mitigates the existing issues of EthanolV1 and provides improved features that aim to enhance the user experience and overall utility of the application.

EthanolX focuses on Scalability, Ease and Decentralization.


Airdrop 1

We want to thank all the users and investors of ethanol and invite them to onboard ethanolX. All the users who ever invested in Ethanol Token would be airdropped 400 ENOX tokens which would be worth $100

Total Airdrop : 1000–1500 users ( Excluding current holders )

AIRDROP — 250 Tokens

Value at launch $100 per user.

The airdrop will happen to 25% investors per week. It means only 250 users will be airdropped per week.

Airdrop 2

EthanolX will also Airdrop all unique investors in UNDG token ( who have are not part of Airdrop one and Ethanol V1 current swap investors )

Total Airdrop Users — 500 Users

Airdrop : 250 tokens

Value at launch $100 per user.

Referral Program ( Earn Ethereum to refer others )

The smart contract of ethanolx is designed in a way to reward the referrals.

Both referral and Referrer will receive 1% and 2% of the total referred amount

Let’s assume User A refer User B to use EthanolX

User B buys $10000 worth of tokens.

By the end of week User A will receive $200 worth of ETHEREUM and User B will receive $100 worth of ETHEREUM as well.

The rewards can only be claimed through weekly distribution

Swap Details

When does it launch?

EthanolX will be launching a private sale and a public sale.

Private Sale

Date : Wednesday 09 June 2021–11 June 2021

Venue : Will be announced soon

Time : 18:00 UTC

Price per token

1 Eth = 9465 ENOX

1 ENOX = 0.28 ( 30% Off )

Max Limit Per wallet : 3 ETH

Raise 100 Eth

Public Sale

Date : Wednesday 12June 2021–13 June 2021

Venue : Will be announced soon

Time : 18:00 UTC

Price per token

1 Eth = 7800 ENOX

1 ENOX = 0.34 ( 15% Off )

Max Limit Per wallet : 1.5 ETH

Max Raise 100 ETH

Uniswap Listing details

100% of raise will be supplied to uniswap

Date : 13th June 2021

Price : 0.40 USD


Total Raise : 200 ETH

Tokens for raise : 1,750,000 ENOX

100% will be used for liquidity in uniswap

Raise will be on a decentralized ILO platform.

Tokenomics :

Decentralised Gas Refunds and Gas Credits.